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Proud to present

Our freezing tunnel
IQF Spiral Freezer
HJ Freezing Solution has taken over the rights to design, produce and sell Danish developed Spiral freezers (Single or Double drum) for the food industry. This tunnel is already installed in a number of food producing companies.

Proud to present

Our freezing tunnel
MRT/VRT Freezing Tunnel
The MRT/VRT Freezing Tunnel is for customers who want to freeze/cool different products simultaneously – it can be a mix of small and big products with different retention times – furthermore this tunnel can be customized to very large quantities of products per hour.
MRT = Multiple Retention Times | VRT = Variable Retention Time

Proud to present

Our freezing tunnel
SRT Freezing Tunnel
The SRT Freezing Tunnel is for customers who want to freeze/cool the same product at a time as the tunnel operates with “First IN – First OUT” which means the products get the same retention time. This tunnel is for small to large quantities of products per hour.
SRT = Single Retention Time

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HJ Freezing solution has been acquired by K.B. Industriservice.
HJ Freezing solution is now owned by K.B. Industriservice. With many years of experience, we maintain the same high quality on all our products. Our well-educated Staff are ready to build your next special solution. For more information, you are more than welcome to contact us either by phone, e-mail or go to company profile.

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HJ Freezing Solution

Freezing and chilling tunnels from Hans Jensen Engineering are known world-wide for high quality workmanship and reliability. Our tunnels are installed at well-known companies in 22 countries all over the world and the first tunnel installed in 1972 is still running. HJ Freezing Solution makes other things besides freezing tunnels. Amongst other DPD-SA, a mobile dosing unit that automatic doses spices, powders and granulates on products passing by on a conveyor system. Nothing is too big or small – we are designing and producing all kind of equipment is stainless steel – from brackets to complete systems with control panels, motors etc.

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