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Freezing and Cooling Tunnel

SRT (Single Retention Time)

Today SRT freezing and cooling tunnels from HJ Freezing Solutions are installed world-wide. The first carton tunnel was installed in 1972 at a Swedish customer, and it is still running daily.

The individual freezing and cooling tunnel is customized according to required capacity, dimensions and integration of the total production cycle from filling machine to packing machine. HJE delivers a turn-key solution inclusive evaporator and insulating panels, doors and Stainless Steel floor.

To ensure optimum product flow it is recommended that HJE also supply all conveyors from filling machine to tunnel and from tunnel to packing room/storage facilities. The control of these conveyors and evaporators will be an integrated part of the advanced program of the freezing and cooling tunnel.

All tunnels are assembled at our own workshop, where they will be tested, dismounted and forwarded to the customer. Due to this procedure, installation and starting up can be made within relatively short time, thus minimising the duration of production stops.

Our tunnels are continuously developed as a result of our corporation with customers and their requirements to efficiency, reliability and safety of food as well as flexibility. Frequently, from our present customers we hear the following statements of our tunnels and the ongoing corporation with HJFS:

  • High reliability
  • High flexibility
  • More output capacity than expected
  • Technically reliable solutions
  • Impressive finish
  • Effective and quick support from HJFS.

As standard, all new freezing and cooling tunnels are prepared for internet connection. Consequently, HJFS can within a short time assist and support the customer on-line – saving both time and money for the customer.


SRT´s flexibility is characterized by the fact that in each case the tunnel is customized according to the needs of the customer and not the other way round.

Due to this flexibility of construction of the individual tunnel, the customer gains optimum utilization of available space, which is very difficult with other types of tunnels, where the customer has to adjust space to the tunnel.

Apart from flexibility of size, we also have various choices as to input and output of products.

Advantages of SRT:

  • Can be used as a buffer storage over night or over weekends
  • Capable of handling different sizes of products at the same time
  • High reliability and long lifetime
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Dehumidifier System (Optional)